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Helpful Ways to Reduce Risk of Depression Among Seniors


Chronic depression affects millions of elderly individuals around the world every year. Finding ways to avoid it should be part of senior care.

As one of the leading providers of elderly care in Lithonia, Georgia, we specialize in senior health and wellness. We will share our expert tips on reducing the risk of depression among the elderly.

Do not neglect your social life. One of the reasons seniors become depressed is due to isolation. Being alone can affect your thoughts and emotions. So, be around people sometimes. Invite them to your place, visit them at theirs, or plan to go out together. You can also be friends with your neighbors or join groups with the same hobbies as you.

Live a healthy and active lifestyle. Growing old is not an excuse to stop exercising. Staying healthy has many benefits, including keeping your independence and preventing illnesses that may cause depression. Your health should be your top priority.

Give companionship services a try. When you feel that you are losing your independence because you are having trouble accomplishing your daily living tasks, you may become depressed. With a professional companion or caregiver, they can help make sure your everyday needs are met while respecting your dignity and independence.

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