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How to Make Your Home Accessible for Seniors

Seniors may tend to slip or trip over some stuff on the floor, and that makes them fall risk. And being prone to such accidents can cause injuries or even threaten their lives.

Accessibility is one of the things they need to be able to move freely with confidence at home, especially for the elderly with disabilities. And how can we make our homes accessible for them and make senior care successful?

Make their rooms and doorways wide enough for wheelchairs and walkers and also for the in-home care assistants they hire for walking assistance and transfers.

Install grab bars, removable showers, stair railings, traction tape, and ramps. Put a transfer bench for easy bathtub access and place nonslip mats in the bathroom and kitchen.

Remove shaggy carpets that may also cause tripping accidents. Replace them with shorter-nap carpeting, which can protect seniors from slipping, too. Adjust countertops and modify light switches.

Safety is essential at home, whether you have a senior loved one or not. Step up your elder’s security with elderly care in Lithonia, Georgia.

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