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Caring for Seniors With Dementia: Tips and Tidbits


Learning that an aging loved one has Dementia can be emotionally taxing for family members and the patient alike. This is particularly true for those unaware of its implications and how to effectively care for affected seniors. That’s where we at Gail’s Homecare, expert providers of elderly care in Lithonia, Georgia, can help!

Here, we are not only dedicated to delivering high-quality home care services in Georgia. We also go to great lengths to arm our community with resources they can use to help their daily situations.

As such, here are dementia care tips that we believe are imperative for families to know about:

  • Be open to new ways of interacting and communicating
    While your loved ones may seem the same, it is critical to understand that they are undergoing a series of changes. This will allow you to better engage with them and respond appropriately to the difficult circumstances you may encounter.
  • Take steps to avoid agitation, stress, and conflict
    Dementia weakens the brain’s ability to deal with stress and confusion. You may support your loved ones in this area by minimizing situations that cause conflicts or unnecessary changes, such as sticking to a routine and keeping them in a familiar environment.
  • Know when to ask for help
    If you believe that the needs of your loved ones are beyond your capacity, the best step is to ask for helping hands. In-home care providers like us might just be what you need in these scenarios.

Should you have questions about us and what we have to offer, such as companionship, feel free to reach us anytime!

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