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Signs That Your Aging Loved Ones Need Home Care


Most seniors will keep the fact that they require caregivers. That’s because they may be afraid to lose any independence they have left — which is a widespread misconception. As a result, family members will have to work harder to determine whether their loved ones require home care.

If you could use a bit of help, we at Gail’s Homecare, experts in elderly care in Lithonia, Georgia, are here to provide you with crucial tips and tidbits!

For your guidance, below are signs that your elderly loved one could benefit from home care services in Georgia:

  • Inability to Carry Out Essential Daily Tasks
    One of the most apparent indicators of their need for support is whether or not they can undertake essential daily functions. These can range from fixing their meals, bathing and grooming, toileting, and more. If they can’t perform much of these, it is best to opt for live-in care.
  • Shifts in Appearance and/or Behavior
    Changes in physical appearance or behavior could indicate that your senior loved one requires additional assistance at home. Personal hygiene changes, poor eating habits, noticeable weight gain or loss, and wearing unclean clothes may signal a decline in their physical or mental state.
  • Becoming Lonely or Isolated
    Due to aging-related changes, most seniors may not be as socially-active as they once were. However, this is not to say that they no longer require social interactions. In this case, one of the most ideal ways to help them is to avail of companionship services.

If you’d like to access further information, such as knowing different types of caregivers, let’s get in touch!

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