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Reasons Why Seniors Refuse Assistance


Many people refuse Home Care Services in Georgia for many reasons. It could be fear or other things. And sometimes, they get really hard to convince.

And what are the reasons for their refusal of Elderly Care in Lithonia, Georgia?

  • They don’t want to lose independence.
    For many seniors, losing independence is losing their dignity. And that is why they will do their tasks on their own and say no to In-home Care as much as possible.
  • They want to prove their strength.
    Some seniors may not be ready to accept the effects of aging, and they want to prove to themselves that they still can. And they might lose confidence if people try to offer them Mobility Assistance.
  • They fear changes.
    People can get used to their routines that they don’t want to make changes – like when our grandmas prefer to bake their cookies from scratch using their techniques.

Gail’s Homecare believes that we must create a balance between the things seniors can still do and those they need assistance with. It is best to talk to them and meet in the middle.

So should a loved one need Companionship and other services, call us right away at 770-538-1737. And we will do our best to meet your loved ones’ standards.

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